01/2014 - Gareth Hughes - 1st level, young horse, shoulder fore, leg yield, transitions, balance

Gareth Hughes coaches his working student on a five year old upper level prospect.  The total running time for this five part video is 36:00.

Video Description

Gareth Hughes coaches his working student and her five year old gelding, beginning with the warm up and covering what a young horse requires. He presents an interesting description of how different parts of the body of the rider influence different parts of the horse. As they go to the canter, he explains how some young horses with undeveloped balance may need to warm up in the trot rather than the canter. He talks of the strengths of this young gelding and what he needs to work on.

Gareth Hughes- UK
Garth Hughes has trained with many of the best, including 10 years with Carl Hester. He has produced many horses to Grand Prix, including Classic Sandman, Nurejev, Ramazzotti, Duvie and DV Stenkjers Nadonna. He has won many National and International ti