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01/2009 Jan Brink teaching rider Courtney, FEI work, Working on collection, playing with the piaffe and getting more activity behind. Why the activity behind is the answer to getting them more up in the frame. Day 2.

Jan works with this rider on getting more activity and keeping the horse sharp in the collected work. This is an interesting video for those who have an obedient horse who doesn't like to really sit behind and likes to be down in the front. They work on bettering the movements and seeing how the movements improve his overall way of going. Jan emphasizes that getting the horse to come up in the neck, ultimately must rest with getting it to happen by getting them to sit behind. 

Video Description

Preparation for the canter pirouettes. Bettering the pirouettes. Getting the horse to sit and be active behind. Discussion about how to get the horse more up in the withers.

Jan Brink-SWE
Jan Brink belongs to the world elite in dressage, and with the stallion Briar 899 he has had great success on national as well as international arenas. Jan has been to numerous world championships, including the Olympics, WEG, World Cup's, and all of the

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