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01/2009 Jan Brink teaches rider, Courtney, Grand Prix training session, Tempi changes with a horse that can get croup high, half pass zig-zag. Day 1.

Jan helps rider, Courtney, improve her GP movements. Day 1. This horse have a tendency to be low in the neck and not want to sit behind. He shows the need for development that he be more up in the poll for the Grand Prix level. They work on improving this. Jan gets on and rides the horse at one point which is very interesting to see. This horse is a quarter horse/Belgian Warmblood mix. Lovely pair making the most of what they can do based on maximum capability. Day 1 USDF FEI Trainers Conference. 

Video Description

Shoulder in, half pass exercises to gain control of front and hind and achieve balance.

Jan Brink-SWE
Jan Brink belongs to the world elite in dressage, and with the stallion Briar 899 he has had great success on national as well as international arenas. Jan has been to numerous world championships, including the Olympics, WEG, World Cup's, and all of the

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